Commitment, Compromise, Consensus and Congress

The 2008 Commitment: Taxes will go up on those making over $250,000. The 2010 Compromise: Nobody's taxes will go up, and we'll throw in some more tax breaks that will add a couple of bucks to your paycheck. The Consensus? Um. No. A real consensus, achieved through civil dialogue, would have required agreement from Democrats… Continue reading Commitment, Compromise, Consensus and Congress

When the election fix is in, Congress is in a fix

Corporate money interferes with democracy, beguiles Congress and suckles at the government breast with such unfettered access that the rest of the people are ignored like we are the runt of Mother Country's litter.

Obama Baby Video

This video demonstrates Barack Obama's appeal to young voters. video was written and directed by Bruce Kay.Editing and graphics by yours truly.-PBG

Integrity Wanted: Voter in Search of an Activist Politician

Hillary Clinton would be the USA's first woman president; Barack Obama, the first African-American. A declared desire to lead is relegated by the media to the politics of context that potential leaders can't wave off with a turned head and polite "p'shaw". By what means do politicians ink their names on history's pages? Being political… Continue reading Integrity Wanted: Voter in Search of an Activist Politician