GOP Health Care Bill Denies Election Lessons

The Republican version of the House Health Care bill that Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) announced this past week, demonstrates that even with the trouncing the GOP has taken in the last two Congressional election cycles, the "Party of No" has learned nothing about the political will of the American people.With its generous offerings to… Continue reading GOP Health Care Bill Denies Election Lessons

Post Traumatic Bush Disorder

How John McCain was screwed twice by the 43rd President of the United StatesThe experts say that the condition known as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) shows up three to seven years after a veteran's return from war. Five-and-a-half years since the beginning of the Iraq War, seven years since the abuses at Enron and the… Continue reading Post Traumatic Bush Disorder

Words Taken Down

The Murky Puddle Left Behind When Terrible Truthand Corrupted Consequence CollideI was watching C-Span Tuesday and California Congressman Henry Waxman got up to speak on behalf of a resolution condemning the State Department's obstruction of the investigation of Iraqi government corruption. This malfeasance not only jeopardizes the future of the people of Iraq, but also… Continue reading Words Taken Down

Back Rooms and Back Doors: The N.Y. Times Torture Story

Rationalizing the Secrets that Define a Presidencyand 'Shock the Conscience' of a CountryContinuing to leave the gashes of my once great country bleeding and unchecked has left a festering wound on the future of our nation. The long-fingered fist of war has crushed thought and trust in this country, and too few have recognized the… Continue reading Back Rooms and Back Doors: The N.Y. Times Torture Story

A Sabbatical for War

Letting the Killing Fields Lie FallowAfter the Autumn HarvestSo the seeds sown in the spring surge have been cut, and baled in flag covered coffins. The noble Petraeus, in the regalia of an honored soldier, and the honorable Crocker, intent hidden behind the skirts of his diplomat's robes, pay homage to the lords of state… Continue reading A Sabbatical for War

Presidents and Irrelevance

How quickly do the blustery storms of windy bravado become the squawks of a cold little man in the last throws of leadership!Below thirty is not only chilly on a Fahrenheit thermometer. It's also a frosty place to be in an opinion poll, and that's where the President of the United States finds himself these… Continue reading Presidents and Irrelevance

Power Failure

Last Power StandingRockets and bombs, tank tracks and bullets, leave blood-soaked boots standing burnt and empty. In the flash of mortar fire, a fallen, legless marine loses his hold on purpose, and lets his life go, seeping, into the sand. "I will not be the last to die," his mind says when he finally releases.… Continue reading Power Failure

A Hole in the Ice: Lessons from a Flailing Dog’s Persistence

The conviction of Scooter Libby is just another crack in the ice. Though bold in its freshness, there is a danger that its impact will eventually be lost in the spiderweb of damage that has broken the thinly veiled surface of lies of this corrupt administration. The maze we have to untangle is mind boggling,… Continue reading A Hole in the Ice: Lessons from a Flailing Dog’s Persistence