Prose and Thorn points a sharp stick at political issues that are in the news.

Prose and Thorn gives readers insight into how our Congress is accountable to “We the People” who elected them, how we each have personal responsibility for understanding the civics behind our highly imperfect process of government, and how government corruptibility leads to moral misbehavior, criminal malfeasance, cognitive dissonance and the rationalization of greed.

By following updates from Prose and Thorn, we hope we can get you to turn off the television and turn on the activism, because we are the prick that makes you think.

Extra special thanks to MIKE LUCKOVICH for signing his cartoon book “Four More Wars!” (ECW Press, Toronto, 2006) to me with the above caricature.

PB Goodfriend is a published writer and journalist in Atlanta, Georgia. He also produces political and corporate videos. He even occasionally makes money at it.

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