Friday’s verdict just the beginning of trial trouble for Nathan Deal

With one super successful lawsuit against Deal’s handling of the state ethics investigation, it appears inevitable that more will follow. Will Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal (R) make it through the May primary, or even to it?

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Over the weekend, it became more than obvious that one of Gov. Nathan Deal’s most daunting tasks this year is the drumbeat of ethics-related trials he’ll have to cope with in the run-up to the May primary and November general election.

Fallout from the verdict in the Stacey Kalberman trial will be challenging enough for the Deal camp.

Your daily jolt on politics from the AJC's Political insider blogWe’ve already seen the governor distance himself from Friday’s verdict and deny even monitoring the Kalberman case from afar. We also expect Democrat Jason Carter to use some of the $1.6 million in his campaign piggy bank to launch constant reminders of the trial – and whatever comes next – the governor’s way.

But two other lawsuits are in the offing, from former ethics commission staffers Sherilyn Streicker and John Hair, with claims strikingly similar to Kalberman’s. If emboldened by Kalberman’s victory, at least one other former employee could soon seek…

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