Georgia Ethics Express responds to charges of pledge signers’ hypocrisy

Georgia State Sen. Josh McKoon (R-Columbus) addressed charges by opponents of the ethics reform question on next Tuesday’s ballot, that several candidates who have committed to a $100 cap on Gold Dome lobbyists are themselves guilty of campaign ethic filing violations.

Sen. Josh McKoon (R-Columbus) stands beside candidates’ ethics pledge while addressing supporters of the lobbyist cap initiative on the Georgia, July 31, ballot, in Columbus, Georgia, Wednesday.

“When you are losing an argument, that’s when you resort to those kinds of ad hominem attacks,” he told a gathering of local politicians and press gathered in LaGrange, Georgia, Wednesday.

The charges were made in a press release from House Ethics Committee Chair, State Rep. Joe Wilkinson (R-Sandy Springs) and conservative television personality Phil Kent, calling 49 of the over 130 candidates who signed a pledge to push the legislation through the 2013 session, “ironic, disappointing and hypocritical” for their stand on ethics reform, given evidence that they are allegedly in violation of campaign disclosure rules.

McKoon disputes that, saying, “the attacks that have been made are not really accurate.” He added that many of those filing who are labeled as “late,” reflect the system at the Government Transparency and Campaign Commission crashing, and the office’s staff being overwhelmed on July 9, the last day of filing the proper documents.

McKoon is traveling across Georgia with other voter advocacy groups – including Common Cause Georgia and the League of Women Voters – to raise awareness and urge a “yes” vote on the ethics question on the July 31 ballot. The tour, dubbed the Ethics Express, winds up Friday evening, in Athens, Georgia.


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