B-A-I-N, a song for Mitt


B is for the billionaires’ ad buys.
A is for all the assets I hide.
I is islands offshore where cash and jobs were outsourced.
N is nothing more do I hold to that I did before, and

Bain, I said I left in ’99.
Bain, until 2002 was mine.
Mine, corporate papers say it.
We closed plants, might as well face it.
Bain improved my bottom line.

B is for the businesses Bain bought.
A is for anxiety Bain wrought.
I is inequity – you envy liquidity.
N is nothing more will I release than I did before, ‘cuz

Bain, it made me rich beyond my dreams.
I’m taxed at a lower rate, it seems.
Seems Bain backs my retorts.
Just don’t expect my old tax reports
‘Cuz Bain improved my bottom line.

Ann and I are doing fine.
‘Cuz Bain improved my bottom line
You can envy us, but just don’t whine.
In percent, I’m one. You’re 99.

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