The Fatal Attraction of Sarah Palin

It’s no secret that the press still has its crush on Sarah Palin. She’s the girlfriend who uses you, but couldn’t care less about you. You know who I mean – the one who bats her little wink at you, says “I’m not finished with you yet.”

“Come over here,” she says, pointing one direction, and the media walks like cartoon yokels with hearts in their eyes. “Now, come over here. This way” she says, and they sway notebooks, cameras and asses like a sailboat coming about.

The New York Times said she “continued to play coy” during her secretive bus tour. A CNN reporter, Monday, called her a “tease.” When a journalist asked her where her uncampaign bus was going next, according to the NY Times story, she revealed, “Mount Vernon,” then a look back. “Oh,” she said, playfully, as if taken aback, “You’re a reporter. Darn you!” You scamp, you – wink.

She’s a coquette with a carbine, a bright red lipsticked pit bull. She’s a heels-and-slacks, motorcycle ridin’ mama grizzly. The oddly mesmerized media has been unfaithful to the public trust; they’ve strayed from their commitment to real news and are following a political sideshow. They don’t even see the long knife she’s holding behind her back, and now they can’t even turn away, because once they do, it will come sweeping out from her skirts and plunge into their butts. Like Glenn Close’s character in the 1987 Movie “Fatal Attraction,” she will not be ignored.


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