palintologyn – the study of empty rhetoric that is found when one turns over a rock

It doesn’t take a PhD to understand Palintology. You just have to think like the simple, corrosive organism that crawled under a rock and left an indelible impression. Palintology is all about how deep that first impression was, how long it lasts. Most expected it to last four years, eight at the outside.

Some Palintologists, like Tea Party Patriot, Shelby Blakely, are unimpressed with the depth of the fossilized impression so soon after it was created. “So what,” she told the Boston Globe, adding that Palintological evidence indicated something too shallow, lacking “actual details” that may be nothing more “than just vague platitudes.”

She’s not alone. Sid Dinerstein, a self described “fan” of Palintolology, told the Palm Beach Post that even though it means “life’s not fair,” he doesn’t even want to look at the Palin remnant. He thinks Palintology requires so much attention, it would be a distraction from the “sophisticated” discernment required to maintain a disciplined approach.

Indeed, in the coming days, Palintological fossils will be overwhelming meetings in Washington, DC, and New England, and although many observers will not want to take out their magnifying glass to get a closer look, they won’t be able to help themselves. Even Dinerstein’s sophisticates will be drooling.


2 thoughts on “Palintology

  1. I would never count Sarah Palin out. she wants the attention and she loves the big crowds that adore her. the famous money bug has bitten her and in this atomosphere of today anything could happen if the american people do not go to the polls in #’s never seen before. I do not think the american people know how close we are to losing out freedoms and Liberties, and especially with the us supreme court’s interfering in our elections again.


    1. Good point. The press does get in a frenzy over her, and she’s not even formed an exploratory committee! I heard one CNN anchor today describe her bus tour as a “tease.” That seems to suit her quite well. She wants to get her very base base so excited, they obsess over her like a pimply teenager who would do ANYTHING to be with her. And then she goes to dinner with the Koch brothers, and they still don’t get she’s out of their league, and is only playing with them to get attention. Yep. She’s that girl.


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