Pawlenty’s opening salvo – Obama’s not like you, I am

In the video posted on YouTube to kick off his 2012 run for the Republican presidential nomination, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, hidden beneath the soaring score, talks a lot about “truth.” The one truth he apparently wants you to remember, is about the depth of the problems our country is having, “and who has the courage to face them:”

“President Obama doesn’t. I do.”

Why does Pawlenty have what he says the president lacks, that “courage to face” the truth? “I grew up in a blue collar town. My dad worked as a truck driver,” he begins, “and I was the first in our family to graduate from college.

“I know the American dream because I lived it.” It’s not a stretch to hear the message here: growing up blue collar makes me just like you. President Obama is not like you. Vote for me.

Especially when you see the images of Pawlenty playing hockey with kids on a Minnesota ice pond – not Obama playing basketball at the gym. We know what kind of people play basketball – people who aren’t like you. I’m like you. That’s the truth. I don’t give “fancy speeches” like the president. I dumb it down, just for you, because I’m just like you, and the truth is, you’re ignorant. Vote for me.

There is one thing Pawlenty gets right, and that is the true message is, there are still two Americas, and he represents White, up-by-your-boot-straps, truck-drivin’-dad, hockey-playin’ plain folks – just like you.

“President Obama doesn’t. I do.”


2 thoughts on “Pawlenty’s opening salvo – Obama’s not like you, I am

  1. As someone who identifies himself as a Progressive Liberal, and who eats, sleeps & defecates hockey, I’d just like to remind everyone, Hockey Fan =/= Republican. Thanks and Go Devils!!


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