The lower third and American entropy

“Eliminate public employees’
right to collectively bargain
over health care, pensions
and other benefits when
negotiating a union contract”

Source: NBC/WSJ poll, Feb. 24-28, 2011

In favor and mostly in favor 

In television, the graphics and words that appear on the bottom part of your screen is called a lower third, because that is roughly the part of the picture it appropriates. Imagine if all you could ever see were the words, pictures, people’s names and titles on the screen – otherwise, there is only screen snow and white noise instead of the news footage or voices of actual talking heads – and you decided, based on that, what was going on in the world. Welcome to the narrow view.

“__ will not go far
enough… in cutting
programs and reducing
federal spending to deal
with the budget deficit”

Source: NBC/WSJ poll, Feb. 24-28, 2011

Where __ is “Tea Party
supporters in Congress” 


With one-third of the country supporting the Tea Party and the “birther” movement, and wanting to cripple entitlements and Social Security, and supporting big business’ take on unions over collective bargaining for teachers, public safety officers and municipal workers, the rest of us are having our blood cut off by the weight their stupidity puts on our long term prosperity. Our populist, progressive American majority is atrophying, and our country has spent the last thirty years settling into a Reagan induced, conservative entropy.

“…we have a political system that has become allergic to compromise and practical solutions.” – Fareed Zakaria,, March 3, 2011

We are going in, what pollsters call, the “wrong direction” as a nation, because one third of the people in this country consistently push against any direction this president and Congress try to go.  The birthers and Tea Party-ers are holding their hands over our government’s eyes, putting increasingly narrow blinders around America’s vision. They would rather collapse the tunnel around us, than let us see any glimmer of light at the other end. They handicap elected officials on all levels, decrying compromise and rejecting consensus when it goes against their rigid agenda. They give President Obama no quarter, with three, Tea Party backed governors – including Wisconsin’s embattled Scott Walker – shutting the door on job-producing, high speed rail dollars in several states, because they do not want any sort of positive legacy for this leader.

“raising income taxes
on those earning more than
$250,000 should be part
of any budget deal. ”

Source: Quinnipiac poll, February 21-28, 2011



The solid gold underpinning of the extreme right is made from Koch and other corporate cash, and is driven by an often ignorant – and sometimes dangerous – anti-Obama bias. Meanwhile, the rest of us flop around like dead-weight, having to rely on the voters’ common sense to carry the day.

To be clear, being against the president’s policies doesn’t make the professional right dangerous and un-American; wanting this to be a country that bends only to their will is the treason here. We are a democratic republic, meaning our representatives are beholden to do their best for all of us, not just some. Instead, like many of those on Wall Street, they appear to hold that this country is destined to be the exclusive property of wealthy wahoos, and the rest of us should be grateful because they can give us jobs.

It is time to wake up our sleeping brains, move our atrophied arms, and come to life. We are waking up one state at a time. In Wisconsin, in Indiana, we are standing up and letting our voices be heard. We are turning up the volume, and raising the curtain. We are finding our legs, and we will right ourselves, because if we cannot march forward to preserve America for everyone, then we will have to walk away, Paul Robeson style, and leave them their country, because it won’t be ours, anymore.


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