Bullets, Bibles and Brains – The Insanity at Sedition’s Door

In the unlikely event you find yourself forming a, well, unregulated militia, the first rule should be to leave God out of it. God and guns do not mix. Government and guns, for the purpose of a common defense, while not for some easy to dismiss, is still understandable. The Bible may be a defense of good action, but it is not a modern paramilitary call to action.

If we, who hold government accountable for keeping religious zealotry demilitarized, were to be struck down by the violence of the faithful, does it matter if it’s the sword of Islam, the burning spear of Christianity or the gun of a flag robed American with a Bible in his pocket? Not really.

What matters is which of them are hiding under white sheets and behind bushes, plotting to blow up corteges, and which are influencing the halls of government power, sourcing God for the nation’s fortunes like a football player after the Super Bowl. They are both dangerous to the future of our country. The armed recluse believes he hears a divine call and the politician who shouts out “baby killer” believes his election gives him Divine Right.

These are the days to question infallibility of power, whether it comes robed in red or dressed in a dark suit. The countering of this trend is no longer just an exercise of exorcised thinkers. It is waking our citizens up to their own inaction, which is empowering the behavior that condones attacking our representatives and killing abortion doctors.

In his own arrogant display that comes from being empowered by a dysfunctional, deist-addicted populace, former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, told a press conference in Atlanta two weeks ago, “I think the Democratic leadership has to take some moral responsibility for having behaved with such arrogance, in such a hostile way, that the American people are deeply upset,” in responding to questions about the reported attack on Democratic lawmakers, after health care reform passed.

Now is not the time for vain exercise. Lift a pen, or your voice or join the Coffee Party Movement, and call for civil discourse. We cannot make those who are blinded by fear see, but we can make men and women of vision step forward, for the good of our country.


4 thoughts on “Bullets, Bibles and Brains – The Insanity at Sedition’s Door

  1. But – but – "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!" Plus, everyone knows that Newt knows God's will – which is that liberals are always to blame for everything. He said so, and he'd never lie!


  2. Nice post.“Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.” Haile SelassieThese fanatics aren't going away on thier own. Opposing them isn’t a choice; it is a necessity.


  3. despite the recent round up of the michigan militia – i still think this country finds a "comfort" zone in people who fight using their god as there justification. other people's gods dont countthere is a dangerous trend in america – and it mostly stems from the corruption of religionsp


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