The Wiretapper in the Mirror: Congress Wimps Out

In today’s debate over the warrantless wiretapping bill – aka changes to FISA -Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) who spoke against passage, expressed the concerns of both sides when she called it “lipstick on a pig” .

In speaking for the bill’s passage, California Republican Dan Lungren said that “it’s not the Mona Lisa, but it is a pretty good paint job.” More like a snow-job. The only thing that’s getting painted over here is the Fourth Amendment. The fact that Congress sees capitulating to the Executive as the proper way to do the country’s business flies in the face of checks and balances and doesn’t serve “We the People” at all.

In contrast to Lungren’s calling this “a great day,” at least Speaker Pelosi had the sense to say that it was not, and yet she voted for it.

What really peeves me about this is that it is so obvious to the rest of us why the Congress’ approval ratings are abysmal. They are not doing the people’s business. They are doing business people. They were voted into office to make waves, and yet you could skip Dennis Kucinich across the water and still not make the White House lawn wet.

There is an outrage growing in the electorate. If Senator Obama really wants to be an agent of change, he must step up and vote against this bill when it gets to the Senate. Getting the country’s business done is not an excuse for doing bad business.

Please let your senators know that they must not pass this bill.


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