God Tag You, South Carolina!

South Carolina Believes and Wants You to Know It

You can now buy license tags in South Carolina to profess your faith, if you’re Christian, that is. The South Carolina state legislature passed a law in May allowing for license plates that say “I Believe” and have a stained glass window with a cross pictured on them. The state’s Republican governor, Mark Sanford, let the bill become law without signing it. He did, however, send a letter to the president pro tem of the state senate, according to the NY Times, saying, ““While I do, in fact, ‘believe,’ it is my personal view that the largest proclamation of one’s faith ought to be in how one lives one’s life.” Yet he declined to veto the tag.

Florida legislators tried to pass a similar law, but it failed. Here is a picture of the proposed Florida plate. Reportedly, the South Carolina plate would have been similar to it.

Needles to say, the ACLU and the American Jewish Congress say they will file a lawsuit on First Amendment grounds. This is not the first time the state endorsed a religious view with license tags and got into trouble for it. It was already forced to stop issuing “Choose Life” plates by the Fourth Circuit Court:

“[The law creating the plate] was struck down by the Fourth Circuit Court, which ruled that by ‘granting access to the license plate forum only to those who share its viewpoint, South Carolina has provided pro-life supporters with an instrument for expressing their position and has distorted the specialty license plate forum in favor of one message, the pro-life message.’ “
McGannahan Skjellyfetti’s blog, www.thecitizen.com.

It is more than a bit outrageous that a state would sanction a specific faith like this. So I thought I would give them a taste of their own theocratic medicine. This is just for fun. Please don’t burn me in effigy.





One thought on “God Tag You, South Carolina!

  1. Hey, these are the same people that just a few years ago fought to keep the Confederate battle flag atop their state capital. It’s a wonder they can spell CAROLINA correctly on the license plate!BTW, you design some great license plates! I think there may be a future for you in a prison somewhere:-)You know I’m kidding…at least I hope so! If the people who brought us the Patriot Act continue to run the show, you never know.


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