It’s Not Over until the Lady in the Pantsuit Sings

The Seething from the Clinton Camp

After the Rules & Bylaws Committee reached its decision Saturday, Hillary’s staunch supporters on the committee – Harold Ickes and Tina Flournoy – issued a statement on Hillary’s website, saying, “This decision [to take delegates away from Hillary in Michigan] violates the bedrock principles of our democracy and our Party.”

What follows the statement are blog-posts from Hillary’s rank-and-file, some of which are quite disturbing. Here are a few samples:

“I am extremely upset as to the way this whole thing is being run. Does every vote count or just who the delegates and super delegates feel like voting for. I want Hillary and I will not vote for bHo !!! I refuse to vote for him. We can tough it out another 4 years with McCain.”

“Is this democracy? This entire election is so unfair to Hillary. I can honestly say that if BHO wins this I will not vote for him. 4 more years is not that long to put up with McCain. I guess it’s the principle of the entire process. R&B committee has people so angry we will never be united.”

“I have complete records of all my donations over the years and after today’s sickening farce of a meeting of the UNdemocratic RBC, I will be requesting they return my money in full.”

“Yo, this DNC be trippin’ if they be thinkin’ be gonna be standin’ for this. That’s what’s up!”

“This is not over until the lady in the pantsuit says it is and she’s in it to win:) “

“Four years is not that much to put up with…”? Have they forgotten what Bush did in the first four years? In the first three? Heck, in the first year?

What strikes me about this gushing venom is that the conventional wisdom says that most of these folks will end up voting for Obama. It’s hard to see from this how we get there, but get there we must. A call for unity must come from Hillary herself, and she must rally those who are so disappointed to get behind the nominee. She doesn’t have to be on the ticket (in fact, I hope she isn’t), but as a force of nature, she can really swing into action for the Democrats and for our country. Any deal that closes this cycle has to include her calming her supporters who feel disenfranchised, and motivating them to vote for the change, if they can’t bring themselves to vote for the man.


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