On the Day of Your Daughter’s Wedding

Make Me the Country I Want to Choose

Mr. President, I come to you on the day of your daughter’s wedding to ask for peace for my planet. I tried to be a good American. I voted for a Democratic Congress, but they will not stop the war. I gave my money to the ACLU, but they cannot stop the secrecy, only fight to expose it. I went to Luca Cheney, but he casts with the fishes.

Your pen is powerful, Mr. President. I beg you, please, speak to the little dictators. One word from you, and we won’t have to go to the mattresses any more. We will be able to sleep in peace in our own bedrooms, where our children play with their toys.

I want a clean environment and affordable energy. I need you to re-educate those factory owners and oilmen you keep in your pockets like so many nickels and dimes. Tell them to put their obscene profits to work on solar and wind power, on hydrogen powered vehicles.

This election could be perfect for me. It would make America a star (again). Please, make me the country I want to choose.

On this, the day of your daughter’s wedding, I congratulate you. May she bless you with many little liberals.


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