The Ghosts are Real

Look out your window in the setting silver moonlight and be mournful in your gaze. The spirits of war are in your neighborhood. Flag draped coffins float like ghosts from the back of your minds and onto the streets of America. The apparitions of failed policy are on parade.

It is a march that has been going on for decades, but so long were the pauses between the floating dead that you easily mistook them for the reflection of a passing, powdery moth. Look out into the wet, moonlit streets, and see the translucence of a government whose greed is as transparent as its stubbornness is plain.

Go to the mirror. Is the image you see translucent or opaque? Do you hide behind the flag and gaze out through its holes like a child through a blanket, or do you face yourself with the plain knowledge of moral certainty? Maybe you cannot see them – our dead, our dying, our injured. Maybe you don’t notice them if they are Iraqi, or Syrian, or Moslem. Yet the taxes we pay have killed them. I wish we had used the money to feed our poor instead, and theirs.

Please vote.


A quick note about the last blog entry, “Conditioned to Kill Innocence“. Apparently blogger published only the first paragraph of an earlier draft on the PnT group email. Please check out the website for the full, final of: “Conditioned to Kill Innocence,” published 10-06-06.

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