The Decider’s Wrong Decision

Donald Rumsfeld may be slapped by the time you read this, but he won’t care. His sallow, weepy-skinned cheeks and the way he talks while inhaling will sadly be around at least through the end of the year. He is the bad taste that just won’t go away. He stays because the Decider says he does, and the Decider is, by definition, decisive, though he’s giving decision making a bad name.

Let’s set down a few truths: none of us – none – ever always make the right decision. Even before he became the Totem of the Right, George W. Bush had a life that was full of bad decisions – drug abuse, alcohol abuse, cheerleading – that made him a threat to himself.

If he only stopped there, maybe everything would have been alright with the rest of the world. Too bad for us he met Karl Rove, who probably told him something like, “You help me get laid, I’ll help you get Jesus. That way we both might have a future.”

The Decider took us into a war with at best faulty, and at worst falsified or selective intelligence. Can anyone really believe him when he talks about the British police finding an anti-American terrorist manual in 2000? Or is it easier to believe this is just more fear mongering? Who really has decided to take up “the diplomacy of the cannon and the machine gun” rather than engage in dialogue those who threaten us?

The Decider’s latest rhetoric points to the bad men of the twentieth century, namely Lenin and Hitler, as the reason he decided that this is America’s next enemy. (We can argue the merits of using Lenin’s name instead of someone really evil, like say, Stalin, but that was the Decider’s choice.)

The problem is, what he said yesterday to the Military Officers Association of America is true. “History teaches us that underestimating the words of evil and ambitious men is a mistake.” Unfortunately, we have underestimated the capacity for evil that this administration has unleashed in the world. (Maybe the reason they don’t enter into dialogue with the “Axis of Evil” is because like-forces repel each other!)

I agree with Bush that organizations that preach evil and intolerance should be stopped. That’s why I’m hoping everyone who reads this weblog is doing all they can to stop this administration the only way we legally and morally can: by shifting the balance of power in Washington.

I watched C-Span this morning and they had on Sharon Burke, a representative from Third Way ( They have a phenomenal site for researching everything that is wrong with the way our federal government currently engages in lawmaking and foreign affairs. If you want a resource that will help you make a change in your community this November, then I urge you to check them out!

If you love this country and the liberties that make us great, it is our moral imperative to make a stand in your community for change. Support a Democrat. Support an Independent. Just don’t let this government to continue to abuse the Constitution.

Another Republican Congress under this administration will mean suspension of habeus corpus, military tribunals for detainees, and more illegal wiretaps. It is their goal to make laws legalizing the administration’s illegal and unconstitutional prosecution of the War on Terror. They will do it unless we stand up between now and November 7th.

Remember, when we stand up, they will have to stand down.


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