Calls to Step Down Increase

About one hundred protesters showed up outside the Georgia Convention Center, near the Atlanta airport, Thursday night to wave signs and chant against President Bush and his policies.

While sponsored mainly by the Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition, there were people there from several different organizations, including a large contingent from a particularly outraged group, The World Can’t Wait (until 2008). There were also members of

As their name implies, The World Can’t Wait is calling for the “Bush regime” to resign or be forced out of office before the next presidential election cycle. According to literature they distributed at Thursday’s protest, they hold that the government, “your government,” they insist, “is setting out to remake society…in a fascist way.” And they go on to warn, “silence and paralysis are not acceptable.We must act now; the future is in the balance.”

There were also anarchists and those who are generally disillusioned with this entire government, from the White House to Capitol Hill.


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