Another Bruce Kay GUEST COLUMN*:

From the upcoming bombography

Bruce Kay’s’ “Brief Notes between the Explosions”

Dateline: Baghdad
March ’06

The people here just can’t contain their excitement -“The Academy Awards”.

There’s a buzz in the streets in the streets. Whoa-that buzz is incoming. Damn! So, maybe the excitement is about something else. Hmmm, what else is there? Hmmm, why did I volunteer to cover the film scene here? Good questions.

The Sunni-Dance Film Festival doesn’t seem like such a good idea to me… now, but I am fascinated with the Arabic versions of our top films. They’ve adjusted them ever so slightly for the local populace.

The leading contenders here are not a surprise:

– “Brokenback Mountain,” another Abu Grahib based story.

“Forced March of the Penguins”

From last year, just released here, “Passion of the Christ,” but now, with a laugh track.

Speaking of big laughs, there is a Comedy Central special coming up the locals are really excited about, “The Friar Roast of Saddam-Literally.”

Also cracking them up, the Arabic version of “The Aristocrats,” with added footage of Bin Laden’s really dirty version involving a goat sacrifice, three virgins, and…well, I don’t want to ruin it for you. Hopefully it will make it to the states.

Among the big documentary hits is “The Bush Peace Plan: Mission Really, Really, Really Impossible.”

Unfortunately, though, “Mohammed’s Satirical Cartoon Festival” was cancelled at the last minute. No one saw that coming.

On a related note, there is an announcement that while the Sunday morning Kritics Koffee is still scheduled for Oscar Sunday, there will be no Danish. No explanation given.

Well, that’s it from the Green Zone. I was just informed there will be a Fatwa issued against this column unless I thank our sponsor, Mohammed’s Truckles Movers, who remind you, Just pile your belongings on the mountain, we’ll take it from there.”


*GUEST COLUMN contributions appear as a courtesy and though vetted they do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the publishers of this blog nor our advertisers.

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