Tough Love Time for Congress

With all the headlines in Friday’s news about how the government screwed up with Katrina and Iraq, you would think the foundations of the Capitol would be quaking. Yet just when the walls seem like they should be rubble at our feet, it seems as if they are still standing. Why is that? Are we so eager to have a functioning government that we are in as much denial as we are within our own families about their mutually diabolical disfunction? Have American voters become enablers?

Well, if that’s the case, then it’s time to replace tough talk with tough love. It’s time for an intercession. With congress unwilling to do it – even to the point of compromising on the liberty-compromising Patriot Act – to whom do we turn? When our representatives no longer represent our interests, but those of lobbyists and other large special interests, we have to, have to, turn to the courts and the law.

When those who make the law decline to realisticly judge their own actions, then we the people must use the second-to-last resort : the Judiciary.

This Valentines Day, show some tough love to your senators and representatives and take them to court. Call them on their disfunction.

Call them on their greed, mismanagement and cronyism: has your congressional representative taken money for earmarks, or voted themselves a raise while your wage hasn’t gone up in ten years? Sounds like a class-action to me!

Call them on their disingenouos moral stands. Is your representative spending more time talking about their relationship with their god then helping feed, clothe and educate those who are the poorest and most at risk? Sue their butts for infringing on your rights.

So intercede with your representative, and think of the courts as rehab.
After that, there is only us.

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