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[Cal. AG] Kamala Harris fights ‘reprehensible’ antigay ballot measure (
LGBT / Intolerance
>Brought by an OC lawyer seeking to get signatures to put it on the ballot, the Sodomite Suppression Act would require shooting gay people to avoid “God’s just wrath.”
Supreme Court split on racially charged voting rights case (
Redistricting / Partisan politics
>Kennedy joins the more liberal justices in saying Alabama’s creating majority minority districts in order to isolate their power, rather than enable their voice, is discriminatory.
Young V. UPS: Supreme Court Rules For Pregnant Women—And Against Corporations (
Workplace discrimination / SCOTUS
>Specific language in the Pregnancy Discrimination Act says that if you make a special accommodation for some with an injury, then you should do that for pregnant women, too, SCOTUS finds.
Bergdahl Charged With Desertion, Misbehavior (
Military Justice / Taliban
>If convicted, the former war prisoner whose release was secured in a controversial trade for 5 Guantanamo detainees could face life in prison on some of the charges.
Scott Walker Decides He Isn’t Conservative Enough (
Unions / 2016 Elections
>By signing a right-to-work law in Wisconsin after promising not to go after private sector unions, and supporting other ALEC ideas, Walker is doing a “policy pirouette” to position himself better for the GOP primaries.


Bottoms up – starting a conversation for change in the rural South

Jeana Brown, Dawn Collins, Haley Shank, Sharon Hill

It’s a little bit ironic… that when the red states in the Old South take a bottom-up approach that appears to gain some traction in getting us out of the socio-political wilderness, the national party – seeing the potential for dollars and power – sweeps in to scoop us up, as if to say, “Thanks for all you’ve done. We’re professionals. We’ll take it from here.”

That is exactly what happened in the 2014 midterms, according to a small group of rural progressives gathered in the coastal town of Brunswick, Georgia, Saturday, to lament about last year’s elections and the overall attitude state and national party officials have toward the folks who have a lot of passion about the direction of our communities but not enough money to be heard.

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Tom doesn’t cotton to Iran, Obama or the rest of the world



Israel, Iran and the chutzpah of Netanyahu

Netanyahu campaign posters in Jerusalem


Photo by Prose and Thorn

Satire, rhetoric, war and truth


Je suis…en silence


Freedom and the assertion of the true self

Southernmost Point, Key West

Have a Havana again, maybe


On the Video

Time lapses from the far side of the Moon, Earth in the background (NASA Goddard)

The 2015 State of the Union (The White House)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren says economy is getting better, mostly for only a few (AFL-CIO)



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