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Florida’s Valencia College sued over forced vaginal exams (
Civil Rights / Trans-vaginal Ultrasound
>Suit alleges female sonography were forced to strip and be genitally manipulated in front of the class.
House Speaker Boehner calls on Senate to pass surveillance bill (
NSA / Patriot Act
>Despite a bi-partisan bill from the House reining in data collection, McConnell wants a clean extension.
U.S. Justice Dept. opens civil rights probe into Baltimore police (
Civil Rights / Police Brutality
>Following Baltimore mayor’s request for Federal intervention, new AG Loretta Lynch will investigate allegations, including use of excessive and deadly force.
Nepal Quake: How you can help the victims (
Nepal / Aid
>If you’ve ever been to Nepal, you know how devastating this is for a people whose dharma is to help you on your journey. Let’s help them on theirs.
NSA’s Bulk Collection Of Americans’ Phone Data Is Illegal, Appeals Court Rules (
Patriot Act / Section 215
>Court “punts” on Constitutional issue, echoes Congressman who created the bill in criticizing agency’s overreach.


Despite fighting setbacks, a doomed GOP still a distant dream


Today we find ourselves again hopeful in the spring of 2015, as Politico teases us with a pair of tempting morsels like, “The GOP Is Dying Off. Literally,” and “GOP: Business lobby blowing it on trade.”

In the case of the former, it’s broken down to math. “The party’s core is dying off by the day,” writes Daniel J. McGraw, in Sunday’s Politico Magazine.

As far as Politico’s story on the GOP leadership’s disappointment in the business community for “getting outfoxed by Big Labor” …that’s less about citizen participation than it is about money.

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Rumors of a Democratic rift are greatly exaggerated

TPP headers-markup


Common Cause calls on IRS to stop ALEC’s charity status



The Most Dangerous Game, institutionalized

HK Central Statue Square Legislative Council Building Themis

Don’t justify and call it justice; confront truth and discover justice

Jeana Brown, Dawn Collins, Haley Shank, Sharon Hill

Bottoms up – starting a conversation for change in the rural South


Tom doesn’t cotton to Iran, Obama or the rest of the world


On the Video

San Bernardino sheriff’s deputies, punch and kick a suspect who appears to be surrendering (NBC-LA)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: “The lobbyists are there…to make sure that the tender fannies of the rich and the powerful are always protected.” (The Daily Show)

Edward Snowden explains surveillance to John Oliver, using dick pics as exemplar (HBO)



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