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Clinton faces headwinds from liberals as Warren rises (
Democrats / 2016 Presidential Politics
>Massachusetts Senator still says she’s not running, but liberals urge her on. Clinton’s liberal challenge: recent homages to Warren not seen as authentic Hillary- just lip service, pandering.
U.S. sends four Guantanamo prisoners home to Afghanistan (
9-11 / Detainees
>Afghanis were “low level, if that,” and had been in pipeline for release for months. Still 132 stuck in the war prison.
North Korea proposes joint investigation with U.S. into Sony hacking (AP via
Film / Terrorism /Kim Jong Un
>Pyongyang says it can prove they aren’t involved “without resorting to torture, like the CIA.” U.S. says this reaction is “typical” of the PRK.
History-maker: President Barack Obama, Raúl Castro open talks to thaw U.S.-Cuba relations (
Cuba / Foreign Relations
>The heart of the Cuban exile community in this country reacts with a mixture of anger and caution, as politicians voice predictable indignation.
Click here to read the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the CIA’s detention and interrogation program, a.k.a., the CIA Torture Report


Have a Havana again, maybe

Southernmost Point, Key West

Cuban-American politicians in Washington, D.C., not surprisingly, were not wholly supportive of the president’s initiative.

If that is the prevailing sentiment of the incoming, Republican dominated Congress, it will be exceedingly difficult to get the embargo entirely lifted, as Congress has to vote to do it.

Still, given the changing attitude most Cuban-Americans have about America’s decades long stand against the Castros, there is a good chance Republicans will find enough courage to include Democrats in their voting bloc.

[A recent] FIU poll [of Cuban Americans] also concluded that 55% of registered voters approve of restoring diplomatic ties. If the Republicans want to be the party of the future, they can’t ignore that FIU says it’s only the 70-plus crowd that want to maintain the status quo.

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The galling and the brave – police unaccountable to justice

Demonstrators in Atlanta. Photo by Steve Eberhardt. All rights reserved.


Ferguson fallout: justice dancing on the head of a pin

By (Kane Farabuagh/VOA) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


President Obama speaks at Del Sol High School, Las Vegas. Nov. 21, 2014 (

A line too long: no choice but action on ‘Broken immigration system’

President Obama holds a press conference at the White House after the 2014 midterm  elections, Nov. 5, 2014 (

The Democrats’ mutual denial society

Volunteers at a Democratic field office in DeKalb County, Georgia, use Obama campaign methods to reach out to targeted voters. (PBG/Prose and Thorn)

Broken government comes from a broken electorate

Michelle Nunn, Jason Carter

Electing Democrats in Georgia eases the path to Liberal Progressivism

Is another 6 years of obstruction what we really need in the Senate?


On the Video

Art students in Hong Kong stage a uniquely poignant, pro-democracy protest

Chanting “Can’t stop the revolution,” Missouri protesters take their message to a Black Friday Target (USA Today)

Anonymous has a message for the Cleveland police after the fatal shooting of 12 year old Tamir Rice



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