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Roy Moore orders ban on same-sex marriage licenses (
Marriage Equality / States’ Rights
>Insisting Alabama’s constitutional amendment trumps any federal action, the state’s chief judge threatens disciplinary action against any probate judge who issues a license to LGBT couples.
Lawsuits call Ferguson, Jennings jails debtors’ prisons (
Civil Rights / Police Brutality
>Class action lawsuit claims a pattern of institutionalized arrests for cash in two St. Louis suburbs at the heart of last summer’s protests.
Jobless Claims in U.S. Plunge to 15-Year Low (
Economy / Unemployment
>Consumer confidence is up, and the layoffs that started the year are seen as seasonal. “There’s nothing wrong and almost everything right with the economy right now,” one economist said.
Obama Proposes Offshore Oil Drilling From Virginia to Georgia (
Environment / Oil
>Atlantic red state governors applaud the move, but with oil prices so low and increased regulation, will oil companies spend the money to drill (baby) 50 miles offshore?
Behind Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Treasury takedown (
Wall Street / Progressive Democrats
>Must read: How progressive groups stepped up to have Warren’s back after Obama named a former liberal(ish) Wall Street banker to become a deputy at Treasury.


Israel, Iran and the chutzpah of Netanyahu

Netanyahu campaign posters in Jerusalem

Listen, Bibi, you arrogant chutzpahnik, don’t think you can turn Jewish pride in Israel into pride of your defense of Israel, and don’t lecture me on the meaning of “Never again!” Your implication that those of us who disagree with you are the same as the passive faithful who were tragically led to the slaughter is wrong and insulting. Activism wears many hats in the Diaspora and in Israel, where this stunt of yours might not defeat you (regretfully), but it should make you think about what you’re saying and to whom you are speaking.

The problem for you and the Republicans is you both see negotiating with the enemy as a weakness. You both seek capitulation through intimidation. For Republicans, it’s the fantasy that it was Reagan’s powerful persona that ended the Cold War.

For you, it’s faith and birthright and the incredulous notion that security comes from the belief that Israel is most safe when it gives no quarter. It is true that as a people, Jews have none to give, but to be a respected player in the world of nations, the State of Israel must show a commitment to negotiate for peace. She cannot last forever as a country with her dukes up and her back against a wall. Other prime ministers have realized that. Why not you?
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Satire, rhetoric, war and truth

Photo by Prose and Thorn


Je suis…en silence




Freedom and the assertion of the true self

Southernmost Point, Key West

Have a Havana again, maybe

Demonstrators in Atlanta. Photo by Steve Eberhardt. All rights reserved.

The galling and the brave – police unaccountable to justice

By (Kane Farabuagh/VOA) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Ferguson fallout: justice dancing on the head of a pin


On the Video

Time lapses from the far side of the Moon, Earth in the background (NASA Goddard)

The 2015 State of the Union (The White House)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren says economy is getting better, mostly for only a few (AFL-CIO)



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