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The Bloody Origin Of Labor Day (
Union / Workers’ Rights
>The Pullman strike of 1894 and the U.S. government crackdown
Disruptive Hong Kong protests loom after China rules out democracy (
China / Civil Rights
>Beijing nixes open elections; Occupy style dissidents in HK
Why federal judge blocked Louisiana law restricting abortions (
Abortion / Reproductive Rights
>Admitting privileges law would close the state’s 5 clinics
Israel announces major West Bank land appropriation for settlement (
Two State Solution / Palestine
>Almost 1,000 acres between ’67 border and Bethlehem


What do women want? Not Republicans

Broom Dance

It’s tough to be the one at the party the girls don’t want to dance with.

That’s not to say the Democrats have women swooning. The GOP has a 49 percent disapproval rating among female voters, according to their own poll, while the Democrats are disliked by 39 percent. But this is a Republican poll, and the relatively narrow margin, when one is talking about half the electorate, has given the party of Palin a way to claim that there aren’t any winners.

“If Republicans talk about things like the economy, the debt, make the case for jobs and schools and education, and push back,” Republicans will win, RNC Chair, Reince Priebus said.

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Racism and Ferguson: a systemic problem requires a systemic solution

Ferguson, Day 4, Photo 26


War in Israel on the Ninth of Av



From Flickr/Public Domain

Real crisis at border is one of American conscience

Marching for water in Detroit

Detroit and you – where progressive change happens

AROMA meeting

AROMA – creating sustainable activism across Atlanta movements

Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS)

What’s missing from Congress saves a Senator


On the Video

Artie T. Demoulas addresses his supporters after getting back control of Market Basket (WCVB)

ISIS hostage Steven Sotloff’s mother releases video pleading for sons release

Full Michael Brown funeral service coverage, in Ferguson (PBS)


Michelle Nunn for US Senate

Michelle Nunn for Senate


Got Brains? Need Laughs? The incomparable, independent satire of
Julianna Forlano.


CLICK TO PREVIEW They were Jews who escaped the Nazis and wound up in the U.S. Army. Their contributions helped bring an end to World War II, gave the U.S. advantages in the Cold War, and put a man on the moon. Please contribute, and help complete this documentary project.

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