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VertGrnLine White supremacist sentenced to death in Jewish center shootings (
Racism / Justice
>The 74 year old KKK leader and anti-Semite was convicted of murdering 3 people in Kansas in April, 2014. He should be rotting in an isolated cell the rest of his life, with a Passover Seder being played every waking minute, not made a martyr.
VertGrnLine Judge Blocks NSA Spying and Sets an Important Precedent (
NSA / Civil Rights
>The ruling stops certain surveillance techniques immediately, nullifying the “grace period” in the law passed by Congress to stop the spying programs.
VertGrnLine Appeals Court Deals Blow To Obama’s Immigration Plan (
Immigration / Executive Authority
>The court voted 2-1, the majority saying that POTUS overstepped, that even though Congress hasn’t changed the law, he cannot act. Dissenter says “a mistake has been made.”
VertGrnLine Hundreds of officers lose licenses over sex misconduct (AP via
Police / Civil Rights
>Associated Press finds nearly 1,000 cases of cops taking all sorts of sexual advantage of people during traffic stops and other instances over six years. One former officer has 13 counts against him.
VertGrnLine Obama crosses own red line with Syrian deployment (AP via
Islamic State / War and Peace
>The insertion of 50 Special Forces troops is “a small step,” but it still expands our footprint in the region, and is likely to grow significantly. He may have gotten here reluctantly, but Obama is resigned to not resolving the mess begun by G. W. Bush before he leaves office.


When it comes to voting, it’s not all about that base

By Tony Webster from Portland, Oregon, United States (Voting Day (phone) // Day -056) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Senior citizens and college students, Wall Street bankers and the religious right, Southerners and African Americans, industrial magnates and union workers: if you’re in one of those groups, and a handful of others, chances are either Republicans or Democrats think they can already count on your vote on election day. They call those monoliths the base, the reliable support upon which the party can build their outreach during any given election. They count on their respective bases not just for their principled, philosophical allegiance, but also for their vote.

There is an often repeated meme in American politics, and that is the more people who show up at the polls, the greater the chances that Democrats will win. The past two elections – the 2014 midterms and the 2015 so-called “off year” elections, last Tuesday – bare that out, if only . In both cases, only about thirty percent of registered voters bothered to show up and cast a ballot. In both cases, the Republicans scored major victories at the state and national level.

Some blame the low turnout on voter apathy. But it’s not just apathy. Apathetics know there’s an election, but don’t care. This is a case of voter ignorance, where American citizens are blissfully unaware of both the fact there was an election and the stakes in that election.
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DNC rules change leaves Lessig out of 2016 Democrat debates, forced to leave the race

from You Tube


Ghosts in the machine – the GOP enters the spectrum of invisible light

Spectrum element by D-Kuru/Wikimedia Commons



Love and electability – the candidates come a-courting

U.S. Capitol undergoing its first full restoration in 150 years. (From the Architect of the U.S. Capitol)

The dismantling of the House GOP is constructive for all of us

Two dimensions of otherness’ – the Syrian refugee crisis migrates to America


Will the power of impassioned politicians work down-ticket?


On the Video

Saturday Night Live lampoons the First Democratic Debate, with Larry David as Bernie Sanders (NBC)

A song for Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk, Kim Davis

From @storycorps, a young man recounts to his mom about the night he was nearly murdered by police: “Traffic Stop” (Story Corps)


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