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Jobless Claims in U.S. Plunge to 15-Year Low (
Economy / Unemployment
>Consumer confidence is up, and the layoffs that started the year are seen as seasonal. “There’s nothing wrong and almost everything right with the economy right now,” one economist said.
Obama Proposes Offshore Oil Drilling From Virginia to Georgia (
Environment / Oil
>Atlantic red state governors applaud the move, but with oil prices so low and increased regulation, will oil companies spend the money to drill (baby) 50 miles offshore?
Obama to Drop Proposal to End ‘529’ College Savings Plans (
Budget / Education
>Democrats assailed the White House to revise its plan after Republicans were claiming that they care more about the middle class than Obama. Depends what you call middle class. 529s are popular, but 80% of participants earn over $150K.
Behind Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Treasury takedown (
Wall Street / Progressive Democrats
>Must read: How progressive groups stepped up to have Warren’s back after Obama named a former liberal(ish) Wall Street banker to become a deputy at Treasury.
Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz face off at Koch forum (
2016 Elections / Republicans
>The GOP senators who want to be president in 2016 tie Clinton to Obama, blame Obama’s policies for the wage gap, and assault his foreign policy. And Cruz brown-noses the Kochs.
Click here to read the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the CIA’s detention and interrogation program, a.k.a., the CIA Torture Report


Satire, rhetoric, war and truth

Photo by Prose and Thorn

In the ten days since the vicious attacks in Paris, I find myself reflecting on the way we showed support for the victims. When we march holding signs that say, “Je suis Charlie,” does it mean we are supporting the offensive content of the magazine, or merely the right of a satirical newspaper to publish that material? If I am Charlie, then I bear some of the responsibility for the mass demonstrations across the Arab world, no?

On the other hand, if by claiming to be Charlie – or Ahmed or a Jew, as some signs said – we are declaring that we are all potential victims of intolerance that can result in murder, that takes us to a much deeper place. There, we are both Charlie and the Muslim demonstrators, we are Jews and anti-Semitic journalists and jesters.

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Je suis…en silence



Freedom and the assertion of the true self



Southernmost Point, Key West

Have a Havana again, maybe

Demonstrators in Atlanta. Photo by Steve Eberhardt. All rights reserved.

The galling and the brave – police unaccountable to justice

By (Kane Farabuagh/VOA) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Ferguson fallout: justice dancing on the head of a pin

President Obama speaks at Del Sol High School, Las Vegas. Nov. 21, 2014 (

A line too long: no choice but action on ‘Broken immigration system’


On the Video

The 2015 State of the Union (The White House)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren says economy is getting better, mostly for only a few (AFL-CIO)

Art students in Hong Kong stage a uniquely poignant, pro-democracy protest



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