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Real crisis at border is one of American conscience

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Here’s the insidious part, though. The “humanitarian crisis” (perhaps an overly appropriated diagnosis of a plethora of refugee issues) the act was meant to address is now being framed by Republicans as the children risking their lives to cross our borders, and what to do with them once they get here.

While it’s true the children’s journey is very dangerous and, too often, deadly, Congressional Republicans are purposefully taking the very real crisis of rape, torture, murder and slavery which the children are escaping in their own countries, and muddling it with a crisis manufactured by xenophobes and ignorant hayseeds who are easily ginned up by radio personalities pushing an anti-immigrant agenda. In other words, Republicans are playing to their base.

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Michelle Nunn for Senate


Got Brains? Need Laughs? The incomparable, independent satire of
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CLICK TO PREVIEW They were Jews who escaped the Nazis and wound up in the U.S. Army. Their contributions helped bring an end to World War II, gave the U.S. advantages in the Cold War, and put a man on the moon. Please contribute, and help complete this documentary project.

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