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VertGrnLine ObamaCare repeal bill advances in House (
Healthcare / Budget
>Congressional Republicans are trying to halt key sections of the Affordable Care Act using reconciliation, a procedure that will allow them to get it through the Senate without filibuster. Of course, it will be vetoed.
VertGrnLine Warren embraces Black Lives Matter movement (
Police Brutality / Civil Rights
>Elizabeth Warren tells the group that it’s actions are ‘grounded in the reality of unjustified violence’ against a community unfairly targeted by police, while ‘white vigilantes with weapons [like Oath Keepers] freely walk the streets.’
VertGrnLine A theory of how American politics is changing (
2016 elections / Party Politics
>Ezra Klein speculates that the explosion of social media might be why ‘American politics is changing.’ He says it doesn’t matter who the parties want, because news organizations get more eyeballs from feeding the bloggers, tweeters and FB posters.
VertGrnLine NASA finds evidence of recent flowing water on Mars (
Solar System / SETI
>Orbiter discovers dampness, indicating saltwater flowed on the red planet ‘as recently as last year.’.
VertGrnLine Eric Cantor: The G.O.P., After John Boehner (
Republicans / Conservatives
>The former House Majority Leader defends Boehner’s practical methods, given the reality of having Obama in the White House, although he agrees the GOP should be fighting more.


Two dimensions of otherness’ – the Syrian refugee crisis migrates to America

Scenes from Clarkston, Georgia, "the most ethnically diverse square mile in America.". (Click to enlarge.)

It should come as no surprise that President Obama’s promise to welcome 10,000 refugees fleeing the wars in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, is causing some in our nation to flex their nationalist, racist muscle. Never mind that many are only a couple of generations removed from their refugee ancestors. Never mind that this latest batch of refugees can be linked directly to the mistakes we made invading Iraq, part of the Bush Doctrine’s sad, flawed legacy, and because of that we bear some responsibility.

But humanity and empathy are set aside as too complex for simple minds that react more easily to hatred and fear.The immigrant is hated because he is different, and feared because of her olive skin and stigmatized culture. Take a look what is happening in Europe, right now, as hundreds of thousands of displaced people flee war to seek a better life in the West.

“Certainly the fact that the majority of the refugees are Muslims is a problem,” Dr. Luca Mavelli, a professor of Politics and International Relations at he University of Kent, in England, told National Public Radio, Monday. “There is an issue in Europe, which is a longstanding conflation between migrants and Muslims, so two dimensions of otherness that, somehow, are now coming together, and are well represented by Eastern European countries, like Hungary or The Czech Republic who have been very clearly stating that they would only take Christian refugees.”

And despite the fact that these brave souls are undertaking dangerous and harrowing journeys to reach Germany, France and England, their tiny children washed up on the beach like driftwood, the entire throng is demonized because most of them are Muslim. The hand wringing over solutions to the crisis has brought out some of the worst on our shores, as well.

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Will the power of impassioned politicians work down-ticket?



The evil that police do – Darren Wilson and the family of Michael Brown

Ferguson Protest, NYC 25th Nov 2014


Auschwitz oven door

Huckabee’s monolithic view will get him shoved to the exit door


Bernie Sanders heats up record crowd in Phoenix

truth to power

Dying in custody – a most necessary conversation


Yes, losing the Confederate flag really means something to South Carolina


On the Video

A song for Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk, Kim Davis

Prof. Lawrence Lessig says why he’s running as a one issue, referendum president, and what that means (Lessig 2016)

From @storycorps, a young man recounts to his mom about the night he was nearly murdered by police: “Traffic Stop” (Story Corps)


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