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War in Israel on the Ninth of Av


Tuesday morning, August 5, when the 72-hour ceasefire between Israel and Hamas went into effect, was the Ninth of Av. Things are quiet in modern Israel on the Ninth of Av. Jewish tradition holds that it was on the ninth day of the month of Av that the first temple, Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem, was destroyed in 587 BC(E), and the burning of Herod’s Temple, on the same day six centuries later, in the year 70. In commemoration, observant Jews fast, many refrain from working, and they read the Biblical Book of Lamentations, bemoaning the fall. Wikipedia calls it “a day destined for tragedy.”

So far, this war has not threatened the existence of the Jewish homeland in the same way the historic tragedy of the sacking of Jerusalem led to centuries of exile. Hamas, at least for now, does not have the capability to pursue such an attack on its own, and they have yet to find an international partner willing to go to war for them. Even if they wanted to, and many of the Arab countries and Iran would probably love to, they’re busy fighting their own existential enemies.

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Real crisis at border is one of American conscience

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Detroit and you – where progressive change happens

Marching for water in Detroit


AROMA meeting

AROMA – creating sustainable activism across Atlanta movements

Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS)

What’s missing from Congress saves a Senator


Triage for a bleeding lame duck

But what do we fight for? How about idealism, fairness and equality?


On the Video

Iraqi & Kurdish forces dramatic rescue of Yazidis during food drop (CNN)


Extremist Christian broadcaster finds commonality with ISIL over the Devil and Obama

The wars that people don’t want to fight but legislators do, because, you know, the money from contractors


Michelle Nunn for US Senate

Michelle Nunn for Senate


Got Brains? Need Laughs? The incomparable, independent satire of
Julianna Forlano.


CLICK TO PREVIEW They were Jews who escaped the Nazis and wound up in the U.S. Army. Their contributions helped bring an end to World War II, gave the U.S. advantages in the Cold War, and put a man on the moon. Please contribute, and help complete this documentary project.

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