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Using military and new protocols, U.S. ramps up Ebola response (
Public Health / NIH
>Even as 43 people in Texas are freed from quarantine, administration advises stricter protocols dealing with patients, as Pentagon creates rapid response team.
Earth on pace for hottest year ever recorded (
Environment / Climate Change
>September was fourth month in 2014 with record heat. A predicted El Niño would ensure a record year.
John Kasich doesn’t see Obamacare being repealed. He’s also winning by a lot. (
Ohio / 2014 elections
>By acknowledging the futility of fighting the ACA,”he has shelved his partisan warrior identity in favor of pitching himself as a consensus builder.”
Nigeria and Boko Haram ‘agree ceasefire and girls’ release’ (
Boko Haram / Islamist insurgency
>Talks brokered by Chad have been going on for a month. No territory for BH in exchange for girls. Other details unclear.


Ebola: Has ‘America lost its mind?’


Fear is not the appropriate response, but it is very American, in the sense that nothing happening in the world seems to matter until it happens to us. This is a classic American pitfall, where we reach for a mask of ugly paranoia because of our own self importance.

University of Chicago’s Harold Pollack says that given the facts about the disease, and the infinitesimally small rate of infection in the United States, we should be more concerned about how alarmist our media is making the situation. “If you’re just tuning in,” he added, “you might believe that America has lost its mind.”

The phrase “abundance of caution” has been prevalent in stories about Ebola. People vomit on airplanes all the time, but now, we lock them in bathrooms. We close schools and bridal stores for a disease that is not communicable except through direct contact with bodily fluids. That’s not “caution;” it’s rationalized paranoia.

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Voter’s gamble in a casino where election officials rig the game



Trust broken, empowerment renewed – the new Obama legacy

(Adapted from White House photo)


U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder (adapted from British Foreign and Commonwealth Office Flickr photo) and Texas Gov. Rick Perry (adapted from photo by Jonathan Mallard)

Holder’s Texas Two Step: voter ID challenge begins

Broom Dance

What do women want? Not Republicans

Ferguson, Day 4, Photo 26

Racism and Ferguson: a systemic problem requires a systemic solution

From Flickr/Public Domain

Real crisis at border is one of American conscience


On the Video

John Oliver’s team demonstrates one way to get SCOTUS to allow cameras in court (HBO)

Compelling video of man rescued from house fire (Fresno Bee)

Rick Scott delays debate over fan at Charlie Crist’s feet (WFOR via PostTV)


Michelle Nunn for US Senate

Michelle Nunn for Senate


Got Brains? Need Laughs? The incomparable, independent satire of
Julianna Forlano.


CLICK TO PREVIEW They were Jews who escaped the Nazis and wound up in the U.S. Army. Their contributions helped bring an end to World War II, gave the U.S. advantages in the Cold War, and put a man on the moon. Please contribute, and help complete this documentary project.

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